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  • KonsoleKid

    Hey guys. you know I watch Adventure Time because I'm here. But I also watch Gravity Falls on Disney Channel. I've noticed some similarities between them:

    Both have two main characters.

    The main protagonist started at twelve (Finn, Dipper)

    The deutonagonist is a sybling about the same age, but a little older (Jake, Mabel)

    Both the protagonanists have (or in Finn's case, had) a cruch on an older girl (Bubblegum, Wendy)

    Both the deutagonist are more immature than their yourger brothers

    Both the protagonist are different (Finn is the only human, Dipper is an city outcast) but have friends

    Both face odd creatures

    Both have a secondary character voiced by Nicki Yang

    To prove my point I got this .gif I DID NOT make:

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  • KonsoleKid

    Dream and Idea

    September 4, 2012 by KonsoleKid


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  • KonsoleKid

    If you are reading this, it means that you are one of the few people that likes me, and wants me to stay, or you hate me and wanna see me go. Recently I was bannedfrom the chat permanatley by Blaughum, for roleplaying (they said they liked Lemongrab, so I gave them a little taste of his clean-ness) and spamming (one of LR's quotes from Lady and Peebles translated) and telling why I am silly (I carry on a late relatives crazyness) which BLAUGH found stupid. He warned me, but they said Lemongrab was misunderstood so I showed them what he was like. The ONE spam was not enough for a permanant ban, but he did it. The story was not to explain myself, to get out of trouble but to tell why. This is not a movie where a person can leave for saying s…

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  • KonsoleKid

    Nyan Users!!!

    July 2, 2012 by KonsoleKid

    So guys! I can make Nyan Cat Versions on you profile pics! Just ask me in he comments!

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