so here goes. gonna ruin some peoples theories, or make them.

i found this picture so interesting. from left to right we see simon, who could be finns dad and hunson abadeer, all as humans. "finn's dad" is holding enchiridion. at first i thought 'oh cool, they discovered it together.  im gonna blog about this' 

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 then i saw what cannnot be unseen.

the shadow of the lich behind "finn's dad..."

the shadow of vampire Hunson Abadeer

the shadow of the ice king.

we know that the enchiridion was powerfull. but did it turn the dude in the middle with the same coloured shirt as finn does into the lich? or did "Finn's dad" start the war? both simon and hunsons hands are on Finn's dads shoulders which could mean that they were close. not related though (different last names, duh)

hunson really interested me though. he has a scientific parasite in his pocket, meaning he was involved in science. could he have created princess bubblegum before he was somehow turned into a vampire? (maybe he did it using the enchiridion?) did he leave Marcy in the land of ooo to live in the nightosphere as a vampire? 

a picture speaks a thousand words.. what are your thoughts?