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i swear it wasn't me, it was the crown (chapter 1)

Kyla1123 December 9, 2012 User blog:Kyla1123

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A Sad Fanfiction. :((. I Swear It Wasn't Me, It Was The Crown Chapter 1 When Simon And Betty Was Taking A Walk To A Beach, Simon Was So Anxious, So Simon Told Betty To Go To The Shore And Proposed To Betty: Simon: Betty, My Sweet Princess, I Have To Say Something Betty: What Is It? Simon: (Kneels Down) Will You Marry Me? Betty: Oh Yes, Sure! Why Not? (Recieves The Ring) Simon: Oh Betty, Thank You!  (They Kissed) After That, They Were Talking To Each Other, So, Simon Treats Betty Like A Princess, And Calls Betty A Princess Too. Then Betty Said:  Betty: Oh, honey, I can't wait till we have our baby boy. Simon: Well, we're obviously naming him after me. Betty: *laughs* Yes, but...I like the name Gunther too. Then Simon Kept On Treating Betty And Calling Betty A Princess. Simon Was Overjoyed, He Claims Himself A King And Betty A Queen. So They Stood Up, And Explored The Beach. While They Are Exploring The Beach, They Approached A Stall. So Simon Saw A Golden Yellow Crown, Full Of Marvellous, Majestic Red Rubies, And Bought It. They Headed To Simon's Home, And Wore The Crown And Something Magically Happened!

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