I've been picking up bits and pieces, and from what I can gather there has been a great deal of drama since I left.  Everyone keeps saying it's WAY too long a story to explain, but I don't care!  I'm really sorry that I couldn't be here the past few months, but I've been pretty busy and no one likes being left in the dark! 
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If someone could please be kind enough to give me at least SOMETHING, I would be eternally grateful!  I don't even have a basic outline of what's been going on, and I just want to know what happened.  Wouldn't you?

Please don't make a comment like, "You don't want to know." because that would be a false and invalid statement.  I really care about what goes on in this wikia community, and I like to be informed.

Any contributions you could make to furthering my knowledge on the subject would be IMMENSELY appreciated, because I can't make sense of anything going on socially with this Wikia if I don't even know what the reason for conflict is. 

As long as I have no idea what the problem is, it will be like a gigantic, ominous raincloud above my head for the rest of my Wikia life.  Ignoring the problem isn't going to change it, so I would love for someone to enlighten me on the subject.  Unbiased explanations consisting of a factual, un-opinionated summary are encouraged, but I'll pretty much take anything, given how confused I am.

Any helpful comments are much appreciated and of great value to me! 

Thanks for your attention.  See you around. :)

Lady Shoko S5 e34 Shoko riding her tiger 02:17, May 3, 2014 (UTC)