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  • Ladyrainicorn10191998
    1. If you make a user blog, only respond to the comments that have something to do with what you wrote.
    2. Ignore the mean comments or there will be a lot more of them.
    3. Joining a group can make you a target.
    4. Never say anything that has constructive critisim. Someone will end up calling you a troll.
    5. Don't post comments about your blog on someone else's blog. Even if you only put it on four or so of them, people will call you a spammer.
    6. Ignoring trolls is the best way to stop them. (Or just secretly report them to the admins.)
    7. Never tell anyone you report people to the admins.
    8. Don't try to put things like "No cussing" on your blogs. People will go out of their way to break your rules, whatever they may be.
    9. If at all possible, avoid making user blogs. Nothi…
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  • Ladyrainicorn10191998

    I apologize for showing one ship more than another, it is not because I like that ship better, it's because I like that ship's art better. In the pictures at the top, I have tried to represent every ship. Finn X Flame Princess (Finname Princess), Finn X Princess Bubblegum (Fubblegum), Finn X Marceline (Finnceline), Fionna X Marshall Lee (Fiolee), Fionna X Prince Gumball (Fumball), Marshall Lee X Prince Gumball (Gumballee), and Princess Bubblegum X Marceline (Bubbline) so far. If I have forgotten your ship, leave a note in the comments and I will try to make one. But, as you can see from the Bubbline picture, same-gender couples don't work as well, so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind it takes hours to make each one of these, so don't get…

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  • Ladyrainicorn10191998
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