Ice King's Past

We already know that Ice King use to be the infamous Simon Petrikov, founder of the mysterious crown. We know that he went mad with the crown and it's power during the times of the Great Mushroom War. We also know that he took care of little Marceline when she was all by herself. But is that really enough to know about Ice King? Maybe there is more to him then we really know. Maybe there is more about his past 1000 years ago during the Musroom War. Maybe he has a strange bond to some that we don't know. Just maybe.


Simon petrikov mushroom war ice king

Possibilities Of The past of the Ice King.

I have created a picture to show what i think can possibly happen or what will possibly happen. This is just my theory or maybe it's actually true. What if we can see more in-depth episode of Simon Petrikov then I Remember You or Simon And Marcey. This is my theory so feel free to post your own theories.. Maybe there is more then meets the eyes with Ice King that we don't know about.