Lemongrab 2

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  • Lemongrab 2

    Okay, so this uses a couple things from Adventure Time, and it revolves around 4 people leaving the fallout bunker after it falls apart to roam the war-destroyed cities. Imagine Adventure Time graphics in most of the scenes, and yes, it does have guns. Please don't hate, and it DOES have a part when Simon (Ice King) uses his ice powers. Enjoy!


    Chris: 23, brown hair, wears brown pants and a light blue T-Shirt. Also wears fingerless gloves.

    Fives: 27, wears pilot clothing with a bandanna covering his mouth and chin.

    Felix: 20, black hair, black hoodie, and gray pants.

    Jackson: Wears grey long-sleeved shirt w/ sleeves rolled up, camoflauge pants, and black boots. Wears a gas mask.


    "Hey Chris!" Fives yelled. "You ready to leave?" Chri…

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  • Lemongrab 2

    To refresh your memory, Lemongrab 2 was created by Princess Bubblegum because the Earl of Lemongrab was obviously in need of a friend (Spying on candy people). With Lemongrab 2 being made, the two became friends and let everyone that Lemongrab had captured (Including the Princess herself and Finn) out of the dungeon.

    They presumably had a fair and loving brotherhood until "Another More Five Short Graybles" where Lemongrab apparently ate Lemongrab 2 alive because he smashed a china doll. This shocked alot of viewers and changed the way he was looked at.

    Lemongrab wasn't shown being eaten, but being crammed into Lemongrab's mouth and screaming in terror, "THE END! MY END!" and was just thought of being dead.

    Yet Lemongrab 2 made his last (and m…

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