Okay, so this uses a couple things from Adventure Time, and it revolves around 4 people leaving the fallout bunker after it falls apart to roam the war-destroyed cities. Imagine Adventure Time graphics in most of the scenes, and yes, it does have guns. Please don't hate, and it DOES have a part when Simon (Ice King) uses his ice powers. Enjoy!


Chris: 23, brown hair, wears brown pants and a light blue T-Shirt. Also wears fingerless gloves.

Fives: 27, wears pilot clothing with a bandanna covering his mouth and chin.

Felix: 20, black hair, black hoodie, and gray pants.

Jackson: Wears grey long-sleeved shirt w/ sleeves rolled up, camoflauge pants, and black boots. Wears a gas mask.


"Hey Chris!" Fives yelled. "You ready to leave?" Chris appeared in the doorframe, with a blue backpack and axe in hand. "Yeah, let's go." Fives walked out to meet Felix and Jackson, and Chris turned to look at the bunker. Everyone had died except the 4, and vines and decay had ruined the fallout shelter. He closed the door, and walked up the steps to meet the other 3. "Ok.." Jackson started. "Um, where exactly are we going?" Fives cocked his head towards the town. "We'll head down there, and start to loot. I have no idea where we'll go from there," he answered, and silently the 4 headed down the hill.

It was a fresh crisp Autumn day, and it was silent. Nature no longer made its happy melodies with the birds. It was sad. "Alright, let's spread out and search. Jackson and Felix will check the houses, and me and Fives will search these stores and the police station," Chris said. The others murmered in agreement and they went off.

Chris and Fives were searching the Pharmacy. They had split up, searching for anything they could find. Fives had found some painkillers, and Chris found some dead pharmacist clutching a revolver. He searched the body, and found some bullets. Nice, he thought to himself, slinging his backpack on the ground, and dropped his hatchet in. He zipped his backpack up, and slung it to its original position on his back. This gun was now what he was using.

Felix and Jackson had no luck searching the houses. They were searching the houses together, in case something happened. Felix was searching the upstairs, and just found some old bottle of soda. Worthless. He had a crossbow clutched in his hands. Jackson, finding really nothing else, opened the basement door. A figure was sitting there. "Hello?" Jackson asked. The figure slowly turned around.

Fives and Chris had walked into the town center, ready to meet up with Jackson and Felix, when they heard screaming, and glass crashing. Terrified, they began running to the source of the sound. On the ground, in the front yard of a house, lay Felix. He had obviously been thrown through the window. Chris kicked open the front door, and some creature was bent over Jackson. It turned, and let out some gurgled sound. "MUTANT!" Chris screamed, and shot it. Then he shot it again. And again. It was barely moving, and he pulled the trigger again. The green mutant slumped, and fell down the basement stairs. Jackson was mauled clearly. His pants had blood on them, and his shirt had obvious chomp marks in them. There was also a large dent in his gas mask. Chris obviously could see that their friend was no longer among the living.

Chris walked outside, carrying his dead friend in arms. Felix was propped up against the wall, breathing in and out. Fives was kneeling near him, watching guard, and wiping off the dirt on Felix's crossbow. Fives looked up, and shook his head sadly. Felix closed his eyes when he saw Jackson, feeling sad that he was unable to save him.

That night, they left the town, not without burying Jackson. They dug a hole, put him in it, covered up the dirt, and put a cross in sticks over his mound. As dusk settled in, they saw mutants coming from the doors of houses and shops. They ran out of the town. After running along the highway for awhile, they stopped at an overturned police car. "Now what do we do?" Fives asked, clearly worried. Felix suggested they follow the highway, and Chris agreed. They started to walk among the ruins, ready for anything that might face them, death or salvation.


Sorry about the fact that this had nothing to do with Adventure Time except for the fact you had to imagine that it was like in the post-apoctalyptic Mushroom War environment, and also the mutants. A new chapter, which will feature Simon alone, will come along shortly. Bye!