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    I was pretty inactive the last weeks :P Blame work for that. I still try to continue my fanfiction i am writing atm but to be honest i am out of ideas atm. Meh. Anyway, hope you are fine so far and yeah, have some good days here folks

    bye ~

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    yeah this is my Crack Pairing site now. I will put up my cracks here for everyone to watch.

    I begin with GoliadxPrismo, imo one of the cutest crack pairings x3 i just think they fit so well together, being both immortal and have immense intelligence and stuff xD

    Together forever.
    This pairing is one of my favourite Crack-pairings. Not only they look cute together, i think they also would make a good couple canon-wise.
    I can imagine following
    Goliad is freed from her eternal fight with Stormo to get a second chance. Bubblegum and FInn bring her to Prismos multiverse to change Goliad into good again. However as soon as they arrived and Goliad saw Prismo it was over for her. She felt a sudden feeling she never felt before and couldnt explain herse…

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    LGPs present story

    March 24, 2013 by Lemonjuicy
    1. In the end. A little fic for someone special(the person knows who i mean)

    His condition got worse and worse. Laying down, tied up in bed, not able to move a muscle…The younger Earls condition was in one word, Unacceptable. His movements were more like spasms and seizure-like gestures..Unacceptable…

    This word..How often he used it back then…its had been ages since it came from his mouth however, words he could no longer form, it was like a giant twister in his brain which destroys all syllables and the ability to form sentences, the only vocal thing-alikes are weak gurglings and slurred words without any sense behind. Its been good 6 months since it all began. A day like every other ordinary day. But this day should turn into a special one an…

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    Part Two of my fanfiction about Princess Bubblegum, her two now shrinked creations and Finn and Jake as babysitters. Enjoy ~

    This part here will have mostly PB and will be kinda short. It has its reasons :D

    --- The princess rolled herself from one side to the other. Her head was full of thoughts concerning the Kingdom, the lemongrabs, Goliad and Stormo, the lemongrabs again, her not ending series of nightmares, which contains Goliad who gets posessed by the lich and causes havoc over the kingdom with her powers and the list goes on. She was laying there, with eyes wide open, ill and feverish but she just couldnt sleep. PB began to humming a melody she remembered to sing when she was younger but this just made her headache stronger.

    PB: Globda…

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    The first part you find on tumblr, check it out :D http//

    A little fanfiction i had the idea lately xP The lemongrabs got shrinked by accident and Finn and Jake are needed by PB to babysit both earls sometimes xD

    Part One

    After the accident with the youth potion last week, Princess Bubblegum has arranged herself with the new situation. The baby earls sure were alot of work and their constantly screaming and squirming was a pain in the ass for her, but against all odds, PB always reminds herself of her duty to watch over her lovely called “failed experiments”. Her responsibilities still are the highest concern of the princess.

    —-But lets take a look at the main protagonists of this little Fanfiction for now—-

    The older Lem…

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