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A little fanfiction i had the idea lately xP The lemongrabs got shrinked by accident and Finn and Jake are needed by PB to babysit both earls sometimes xD

Part One

After the accident with the youth potion last week, Princess Bubblegum has arranged herself with the new situation. The baby earls sure were alot of work and their constantly screaming and squirming was a pain in the ass for her, but against all odds, PB always reminds herself of her duty to watch over her lovely called “failed experiments”. Her responsibilities still are the highest concern of the princess.

—-But lets take a look at the main protagonists of this little Fanfiction for now—-

The older Lemongrab was just about to search for his younger counterpart which he missed alot. Both were exploring the castle and unfortunately the younger earl gots lost. His big round eyes scooped up his surroundings in curiosity. His little brain worked hard to figure out what happened exactly in this moment. He scratched his little nose and crawled forward, looking left to the right. Some candy people looked curiously on the little baby who was crawling awkwardly across the floor, some whispered and some pointed with their fingers at the young earl. They were still unfamiliar with the sour infants who were now living in the Candy Castle. He ignored them however and was only concentrated on finding his lost brother.

Flashback a good hour ago:

Finn and Jake aswell BMO had to babysit the little earls because the princess needed to rest from her recently catched cold. Not to mention that Finn absolutely had no interest in watching the little lemons at the moment. He originally planned to go on a date with Flame Princess to finally reach Tier 2 which contains more then just being around each other..But then PB came in and crossed out his plan..Finn sighed heavily and looked over to his friend Jake who just tried to play with the little earls in front of him. Which was harder as it sounds because this little lemons needed constantly watching and animating. They pulled Jakes long ears and chewed on them quiet hungry. It was a good two hours away since PB gave them food the last time, she breastfed both because she has read that this would strenghten the bond of a mother and her children.

Jake: You know what finn? those two are pretty hungry. Dont you think we should give them to Peebles so that she can feed them? I am afraid that they will eat my ears if we dont do so…

The dog eerily looked at the younger earl who constantly stared at the terrified Jake.

Finn: Whatevs, i am still mad at PB for crossing out my plan to go on a date with FP…i dont want to see her atm…you can bring them up to her. I will wait here and play with BMO.

The little computer nodded happy and danced around.

Jake: Aaalright, be back in a few minutes! *he hastily walked away, both earls in his hands, carefully balancing them.*

A few minutes later…Jake finally reached the Princess bedroom. He knocked and opened the door. PB lays there, with her blanket up to her chin, peacefully sleeping.

Jake:Uhmm sorry for the disturbing Princess…but it seems the Lemoncarbs here are pretty hungry and they are chewing away my ears…could you…maybe??

PB:chhrrr…mmmhh sure…bring them over…

Jake carried both Earls to PB who takes them to feed them. She carefully lifted out her breasts and nursed her two creations, half asleep. Both however greedily swallowed the sweet candy milk and cuddled up to the Princess.

Jake turned around embarrased and waited until she was finished. Then she gave both in the hands of Jake again.

PB:there you go, have fun until later today…*chrr* she sleepily said and was starting to drift of to sleep again.

Jake was on his way down back to Finn as someone called him on his handy.

Jake:Jake here, whatsup? ohhh lady its you. Sorry sweety i am kind of busy atm, i am in the candy kingdom watching over PBs creations, you know them, the two lemon heads…yeah them.. you sound kinda nervous whats wro…so…what? WHAT???*his jaw dropped to the floor* Charlie is …PREGNANT??? *faints of this message*

LG1:mmmhhh? *talking baby talk to his brother who was sitting now on the ground, sucking his little lemon thumb.*

LG2:*unintelligent babbling*mhhhh yip yip

Both looked at each other and smiled. It was their genuine lemony smiling which both shared. They nuzzled their heads against each other and started to crawl together to look for something interesting.

After a while LG1 recognized that something wasnt right…his fellow lemon friend wasnt by his side anymore. He sat down on the floor and was looking thoughtfully…at least what a little baby is capable to do.

Flashback ends:

yes, it was definitly something not right atm and the earl wanted to know what it was. So he continued to search for his brother.

Meanwhile, Finn was talking with Flame Princess who was still mad at Finn for breaking his promise to go on a date with her. She even came to the Candy castle to scold Finn for what he had done. He desperately tried to explain the situation to her and why he had to cancle their date.


Jake started to gain his concious again, his handy was laying besides him, Lady was still on the other phone, worrying korean words came out of the speaker.

Jake:something tells me that i am going to be a grandpa pretty soon…*he shakes his head and hung up the call.* Oh no the Lemongrabs! Where are they???

He hastily looked around himself but found no earls. He started to panic, racing down the hallway to Finn….