Part Two of my fanfiction about Princess Bubblegum, her two now shrinked creations and Finn and Jake as babysitters. Enjoy ~

This part here will have mostly PB and will be kinda short. It has its reasons :D

--- The princess rolled herself from one side to the other. Her head was full of thoughts concerning the Kingdom, the lemongrabs, Goliad and Stormo, the lemongrabs again, her not ending series of nightmares, which contains Goliad who gets posessed by the lich and causes havoc over the kingdom with her powers and the list goes on. She was laying there, with eyes wide open, ill and feverish but she just couldnt sleep. PB began to humming a melody she remembered to sing when she was younger but this just made her headache stronger.

PB: Globdamnit those stupid head feels like someone would chew me through their teeths and spitting me out on the ground...*she grabbed her blanket and put it over her head.* Ghhhhhuuu...

She took a few pills who were standing on her nightstand and swallowed them with a full glass of wine...A few minutes later, her eyes were closed shut and she was sleeping...sleeping...

Drifting off into the Dreamosphere:...

Princess Bubblegum was walking on a candy beach and stared in the candy colored sunset. She smiled at the look of this and gently put her bubbly hair behind her ear. From the distant she heard loud giggles and laughing. She knew this voices, who sounded so familiar that they just could belong to one kind of twins. The Lemongrabs. Both came running by, with a big smile on their little lemon faces, holding hands together. Followed by Goliad and Stormo aswell Jake and Finn and another person which was huge and scary as hell.

Goliad had a kind of scary look on her face, it was more like a grimace, simply menacing. The giant person stands behind Goliad and covered her with his wide arms and his cape flew away. It was the Lich. PB was shocked and tried to pull both Lemongrabs on her side so that both wouldnt be in the range of the Lichs psychic powers. He grew bigger and bigger and Goliads eyes turned darker and darker until they were pitch black. A demonic grin was on her face. Finn and Jake stand there with an emotionless stance, both stared to the ground, not looking up or anything. The sky turned dark and grey and green clouds started to fill the beach. The temperature dropped down dramatically and PB huddled close together with the Twins and Stormo. Then her head began to spin around and she began to stir in her minute later she was in the castle, alone, she was floating above the ground looking down on her candy citizens. PB gasped at this and wondered what was happening now. She saw how the older lemongrab was crawling around alone, without LG2 and without Jake and Finn. In her head it began to spin again. There was something wrong, something...something...

AWAKE!! The princess jerked up in her bed, sweating like hell. This of course caused her more pain and she let herself down again.

PB: Not this dream again...why i always dream stuff like this? *she frowned and sat up in her bed.*After a short while..: PB: The Lemongrabs must be lost...i am sure something happened. But where are Finn and Jake?

She put on her morning robe and was walking through her room, put in some handkerchiefs for her pocket and wrapped the robe tightly around her body.

PB: I wonder why i even asked this two to babysitting them...*sigh*

As the princess was walking down the hallways, a soft breeze reached her nose and for the first time in a week she was able to breath freely.

PB: What a wonderful breeze..i wonder where this comes from? Normally the windows were closed in the castle out of safety reasons. But now one window must be open she tought.

PB was looking above her, the window of the main hall was wide open and on the edge of this window sat the younger earl, balancing dangerously around.

Her eyes grew large like saucers as she saw this.


Due to her cold, her voice cracked in the middle of the sentence. PB: MOMMY PRINCESS WILL BE PRETTY ANGRY WHEN YOU JUMP DOWN THAT WINDOW YOUNG LEMON!!

The lemon child listened to PBs angry speech and gulped. But he didnt understand what she meant and so he started to bite his under lip and tears began to form in his eyes. He started to cry aloud...He was not used to PBs angry voice so this has startled him greatly.

Princess Bubblegum was screaming after her trusty swan. The bird came by fast as light and PB jumped up on its back and both flew up to the young lemon who was crying hard. She scooped him in his arms and rocked him to calm him down. Savely all three landed on the ground, LG tightly clutching PBs morning robe, still hiccuping but he stopped crying.

PB: That was close...*sigh* *she rubbed her head as she was adjusting LG right in the crook of her arm. PB: What a day...mhhh. Where is your brother then, Lemongrab? Can you tell mommy?

Although the younger one of the twins, LG2 was able to talk more as the older Lemongrab.

LG2: No no, Lemongrab a...aaawaywayyyy, not here...mmmmhhhh *he starts to cry again as he said the name of his fellow lemon friend.*

PB: Aww jeez...shhhh calm down, we will find him...shhhhhh...*walks further together with Lemongrab 2 and the royal swan *

PB: I still wonder where Finn and Jake are...

... Outside of the castle, on one of the towers of Candy Castle, the place were Goliad and Stormo were fighting:

A little waving snail was crawling on the ground, with a faint green glow around its body. It was now right besides Goliad and watched her, still waving...

So this is the ominous Goliad....interesting...hehehehe...

A soft breeze surrounded them and the bright light of their psychic powers glanced as always...The little snail waited there...on its chance to strike....

  • scrolling away from the Snail and Goliad and Stormo....*

--- Thats it, Part 2 :3 I hope you enjoyed it. see you guys :D