yeah this is my Crack Pairing site now. I will put up my cracks here for everyone to watch.

I begin with GoliadxPrismo, imo one of the cutest crack pairings x3 i just think they fit so well together, being both immortal and have immense intelligence and stuff xD



Together forever.
This pairing is one of my favourite Crack-pairings. Not only they look cute together, i think they also would make a good couple canon-wise.
I can imagine following
Goliad is freed from her eternal fight with Stormo to get a second chance. Bubblegum and FInn bring her to Prismos multiverse to change Goliad into good again. However as soon as they arrived and Goliad saw Prismo it was over for her. She felt a sudden feeling she never felt before and couldnt explain herself but it was like magic. Prismo was curious and began to observate Goliad. And well yeah, something like this
Never mind, crack pairings are just for fun get the text hopefully ;D