1. In the end. A little fic for someone special(the person knows who i mean)

His condition got worse and worse. Laying down, tied up in bed, not able to move a muscle…The younger Earls condition was in one word, Unacceptable. His movements were more like spasms and seizure-like gestures..Unacceptable…

This word..How often he used it back then…its had been ages since it came from his mouth however, words he could no longer form, it was like a giant twister in his brain which destroys all syllables and the ability to form sentences, the only vocal thing-alikes are weak gurglings and slurred words without any sense behind. Its been good 6 months since it all began. A day like every other ordinary day. But this day should turn into a special one and should change two lifes forever.

All started with a constantly headache the younger earl had. It was an awful hammering headache that would not stop for hours. Also normally the calmer and more quiet one of the two LGs…his mood began to change fastly. From happy to sad in mere seconds and back. It was a hard time. There were periods of no pain at all, but those days were rare.

One day, after a long exhausting ride with their trusty steeds, after they came back in Lemon Castle(which was now, thanks to Lemonjon only a few meters away from the Candy Kingdom), the white suited Lemongrab began to collapse on the ground. He was violently shaking and started to vomit blood. The older earl, horrified by this, was alarming Princess Bubblegum,he was running to the candy castle out of his mind, he shouted out piercing screamings like a madman, afraid of the clearly not acceptable condition of Lemongrab. PB escorted her weak creation immediately into her castle and the doctors began their searching for the reason of this strange sickness. They scanned his completly body, from top to the non existent toes, they found absolutely nothing. It was a mystery to everyone, and even more as the symptoms began to regress back into nothing but the usual headaches. One day after the accident, he was back in Lemon Castle again, followed by a worried Earl. Latter was still worried to no end but started to think that everything was alright and that it was just too exhausting for his twin. However…

1 month later:

It was middle in the night,a few minutes before midnight as the second Lemongrab snapped out of his slumber and was sitting upright in his bed. He was sweating alot and his heart was racing. The headaches returned worse then ever, blinding his sight so much that he screamed in pain and flapping his arms wildly, which woke up the Earl besides him(their beds were not far away from each other, only a few inches)As Lemongrab tried to stand up from his bed, his legs didnt worked, he stumbled over his blanket and crashed down on the floor. It was a pitiful look that showed up next there…Lemongrab was wailing uncontrollable, flailing around with his arms like crazy, screaming out his lungs. He must have had horrible pains at this moment. The hurricane in his head was twisting again, this time even worse as last time. His screams went louder and louder, mixed with the horrified screams of his brother who panicked again.

Princess Bubblegum who was standing on the royal balcony heard the piercing screamings coming out of Lemon Castle. She was worried and was sending down her banana-guards. A good half hour later, Lemongrab was again in Candy Castle, this time covered with an oxygen mask, surrounded by dozens of monitors which controlled his every move and sound. He began to have seizures, very bad ones, he janked out on everybody, even the other earl. Not even the princess could calm him down. The doctors gave him a strong anti-epileptical medicine and slowly the seizure stopped and Lemongrabs body was now laying still. Awkwardly silence was mixed with heavy breathes of the lemon-person who was laying in the bed, hooked up to the machines, curled up in fetal position, whining in horrible pain. He was screaming, first it was illogical stuff, then he called out Princess Bubblegums name,

“MAMA…MA….MO..INCESS” in his pain he called out for his creator, his mother princess.

The normally not so much-emotional, rational Bubblegum was worried deeply about him and for a moment she even forgot that she called him and his brother failed experiments a few months ago out of anger of their weird antics. Now it hurts her to think about, seeing him like that, tied up in restraining vessels to prevent him of hurting himself or others…For a moment she felt like a mother who was afraid of her sons life, a brief moment of a parents worst nightmare…

They scanned him again, after he was in slumber again, calmed down by PB who caressed his lemon shaped head softly, whispering reassuring words of comfort to him. Loving words which felt good for the suffering lemon-person in front of her.

This time they found something, something in his brain. A grey little mass which looked weird….

“A tumor??”

PB was speechless and did her best to calm down the other earl aswell who was standing by her side crying horribly. His whole body was shaking…

It was a brain tumor, the doctors assumed that some sort of radioactive wires caused it to grow inside the young earls head. The tumor was causing the horrible seizures aswell the changing moods of Lemongrab. It also cleared up why he had such problems with his movement and talking issues.

They were planning on removing the tumor from his brain immediately to prevent severe healthy issues which could appear later, including irreversible brain damage.(which he already suffered from in a certain degree)

On the next day the surgery was going on and they succesfully removed the whole tumor out of Lemongrabs brain. Thank glob that it was only a small tumor and it had been removed pretty easy. However what the doctors didnt knew was, that the tumor already spread in the other parts of Lemongrabs body, containing his legs and stomach aswell his lungs….

After a week in a very critical state, LG began to get better a bit. He started to talk again, even ate something again. The other LG reassured him, nuzzling his forehead constantly to showing his affection towards its twin. Still, LG was pretty thin due to the side effects of the tumor. The headaches were gone, aswell the seizures. However his legs now started to ache, aswell his stomach.

Another week later:

Lemongrab wanted to leave his mothers home to live in Castle Lemongrab again. He missed his bed and his beloved children, aswell the other Earl. But PB was sceptical, she wanted to keep him under control for a bit longer.

Soon after they had their argument, the headaches started again and also the seizures came back, taking him down again. This time however, his speaking ability was completly gone, his stare became blank and dull. He started to loose weight again. The process of regressing was double as fast as the first time, day by day another ability went away, sometimes it was a bit better however, then he would smile and even try to speak a bit with Lemongrab or Bubblegum. A few words, nothing more. Moments of peace and happiness. Destroyed by the very next moment of lashing out on everyone…it was a hard time for all. As the brain damage processed, he was more and more desorientated, frighten and lost all control that he previously had, on his better days…He ripped out the i.v tubes, pulled out his catheter and played with the food instead of eating it…He made grimaces and often acted like a belligerent child. When he wanted to drink something he would pour it out on his sheets completly, because he no longer could hold a glass or mug without dropping it. At the end PB was feeding him, using a construction she builded to make it easier for him to drink stuff. In his state of mindless struggling he no longer recognized anything around him. He was completly helpless. He wouldnt let PB go away in his confusion, he constantly wanted to have her around, clutching to her gowns and hair, pulling it. Grabbing something that would give him something to hold on. When the earl was sitting besides him, holding his hand, nuzzling his forehead, he squeezed his eyes shut and moaned. Sometimes he even pushed him away, screaming at him. This obviously hurted Lemongrab as he was completly down and at the edge of a mental breakdown.

Little did he knew that this was because of his brothers sickness. PB assured him that it wasnt his fault. He stayed in the Candy Castle , aswell the Lemon children which also were worried about the other Earl…


Present day,a few months later:

It was a peacfully quiet day in the Candy Kingdom. The sun shined brightly and a glimpse of this light reached the window of Lemongrabs room.

He blinked at the sunshine. Blinking was one of a few things he could still do, even it was hard work to concentrate on this. The door opened and little Munch-wag, a goaty-like lemon child entered the room, hopping on the young Earls bed. It laid down on Lemongrabs stomach and closed its eyes, wagging his tail happily. He wanted to reach the child, patting it like he did so many times before, but he could not reach it..This frustrated him and he frowned. Lemongrab could not call it because he no longer was able to use words in sentences,it would only come out as unintelligent bubbling.

The door opened again and Princess Bubblegum entered the room. She was smiling softly and carried the Earls breakfast on a tablet. It contained only fluid food and drinks due to the tumor was affecting his oesophagus greatly...He had trouble swallowing lately so to prevent any mistakes, the doctors meant this would be the best for him.

"Good morning Earl, i brought you breakfast" her voice was calm and soothing. She put the tablet on the nightstand and kissed the younger earls forehead. He struggled a bit to returning this but it was hopeless. All he could do was smiling at her. The tumor has messed up his feelings and actings so he nearly lost all his awkward and anti-social threats, he was more friendly as before, also alot more affectionated towards other people...

"Ma...prin..cess" struggling for words which would not come.

"Its okay, shhh, i am here now. And i see you got a little visitor eh?" she stroked Munch-wags head tenderly. The goaty lemon woke up and blinked a few times. It trotted away, hopped down from the bed and walked out of the door. 


"Come on, lets give you something to eat, you must be starving eh?" she lifted his whole body and put him on the top of the bed so that he could swallow easier. Due to her trained body this was not a hard thing to do, the Earl was so light by now, everyone could do that. He moaned as his tumor ridden body was moved. The princess could feel the tumor lumps in his body. 

"I am sorry, i have to move you dear...but its over now, i promise you." she put a little towel around his neck so that eventually dripped food would not cover his sheets.

The princess mimiced to open her mouth, which LG reflected, she put the food on a little spoon and gave it to the Earl. He swallowed it slowly, smacked his lips a few times until it was down his throat. She had to do it this way, because Lemongrab was no longer able to open his mouth alone without someone who showed it how to do so.

"Its mashed carrots, your favourite, remember? I know you love bland foods so i guess this will suit for you"

A good hour later, all the food was gone aswell the drinks. PB was pleased with that. And she hoped dearly that he would hold it inside him for a while. Because in the last time he had the habit to vomit consumed food after a short while due to his vomiting centre was affected by the tumor too. This time as it seems, she was successfull.

"Mother, how is heeee doing? mhhhh"

Lemongrab entered the room, of course without knocking first.

"Lemongrab? He is fine by now. He ate all his food up so yeah. You can stay with him for a while now. But call immediately if he shows the slightest signs of pain okay?" she walked past the other Earl and patted his shoulder lightly.

"mmmhh yes, i will do so..." he walked up to Lemongrabs bed and looked him in his eyes. They were dull and did not had this shine they had before. He sat down and took the younger earls hand firmly.

PB watched the two for a short while, then she decided to leave them alone. She still had a lot to do in the kingdom. The next big convention was going on soon and she had to prepare everything for it. As hard as it was for her to leave her creation behind, suffering great pain, she knew it was the best for him to rest a bit.

"Be strong Lemongrab, i know you can keep it up..You have a part of my biomass in you.. ." she muttered to herself and walked down the hallways. 

Back in Lemongrabs room:

Silence was in the room, covered by soft breathings every now and then from the tumor ridden Lemongrab. Lemons dont had to talk to each other, they did understand each other without any words. That was the beautiful thing, so that even how wasted Lemongrab may be, it still exist a non-verbal way to communicate.

"A lemon gives by taking..." the older earl started..."mmmhhhh...and cares by you remember this?"

He blinked a few times, waiting for the words to reach Lemongrabs brain. 

"Mmmhhhh" was the only thing he could respond after several minutes.

"Yuo are in UNACCEPTABLE condition at the moment!!!!" he screamed loudly. UNAACEPTABLE...

"but..." he paused " you anyway" and he began to nuzzle his forehead on the younger earl who closed his eyes and let the feelings he had atm passing by.

"Stay with me, please..."


The story of two Lemons, ends now here. With the loss of one Earl, the other stays back. Not alone however. The Lemon children aswell his creator. He had people who he could count on, relying persons who support him and gave him the power he needed to be a whole lemon again....


"Welcome back Father......"

"Mmmhh?? Lemonjon? Is that you? You are alive??? Where are weeee???"

Lemongrab looked around and saw nothing but white around himself.

"We are back where we belong, our souls were called back. We are here now for all eternity."

The Earl stayed calm for a second, then smiled, mimiced by Lemonjon.

"What is with Lemongrab?"

"He will follow later on...its not his time yet..."

"Time? Wait is my time over noooooooooooow??? "

"Calm down father, everything will be you feel the weight and pain anymore?"

" gone..."

"Come with me father, lets go to a place were no pain and no suffering awaits...Lets walk together..."

The giant shrinked down to Lemongrabs size and took his hand.

Both wandered towards the bright and soft light in front of them...

A few minutes later, they vanished.....


The end.

Hope you like it LGP, this is a fic for you :3