Leonard McLean 14

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  • Leonard McLean 14

    I wonder what the episode, The Party's Over, Isla de Senora, is about. Maybe:

    Finn and Jake need to rescue Leonard McLean (just fan made, dosen't exsist yet) from Ice King.

    Please comment for your ideas.

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  • Leonard McLean 14

    Leonard McLean, is one of the main characters of Adventure Time and the Steampunk Prince of the Steampunk Kingdom. He appears on The Party's Over, Isla de Senora as Ice King's hostage.

    Leonard is a 17 year old human who has thin legs and arms compared to that of Finn's.

    Leonard has dark ginger - brown like swooping hair. The bottom half is tied into a ponytail.

    As seen in his picture, Leonard wears a top hat with goggles, a shirt with a brown vest and a red tie. On both hands, he wears buckled gloves and has a rusty mechanical arm on his left during the results of his arm cut off. He wears a pair of highwaist pants with white boots. It was revealed that on his left mechanical arm it said "Smarten Armen, Made in Germany".

    Leonard wields a samur…

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