Leonard McLean, is one of the main characters
Steampunk prince colored by vash the stampede13-d54tv27
of Adventure Time and the Steampunk Prince of the Steampunk Kingdom. He appears on The Party's Over, Isla de Senora as Ice King's hostage.


Leonard is a 17 year old human who has thin legs and arms compared to that of Finn's.


Leonard has dark ginger - brown like swooping hair. The bottom half is tied into a ponytail.


As seen in his picture, Leonard wears a top hat with goggles, a shirt with a brown vest and a red tie. On both hands, he wears buckled gloves and has a rusty mechanical arm on his left during the results of his arm cut off. He wears a pair of highwaist pants with white boots. It was revealed that on his left mechanical arm it said "Smarten Armen, Made in Germany".


Leonard wields a samurai sword named Yamoto, a blade which can cut through anything, even platnium.