We're all very different ages & have very different tastes. We think different things are funny & hate or love different styles of comedy. This show has a lot of different writers & guest writers, so the style of humor & story telling is inconsistant. The only thing we all have in common is a shared belief that Adventure is one of the best things ever to happen to Cartoon Network.

There are so many episodes I love that I can't even put together a top 5; I'd have to marathon the entire series twice to remember or even narrow it down. But the episodes that rub you the wrong way are a little easier to remember.

Don't defend episodes, don't list your favorites, just say which episodes you disliked & why. 

Mine: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • James Baxter the Horse: A one trick pony who beats the only joke like a dead horse. This episode was a little TOO random for me & apparently it was mandatory that I know the reference ahead of time, & even when I looked up who James Baxter was, the reference didn't make any sence. I also don;t like it when a show focuses on a throwaway/one shot character & the hero merely observes & admires; that's going into Mary Sue fanfiction teritory. It also reminds me of why "The Hourglass of Falces" was the worst SLAYERS manga ever.
  • Shhh: I can only assume without reading the Wiki entry that this episode came about from a voice actor with a sore throat & Frederator's love of messing with the censors. The Bikini Babes were unnessisary one-sided pandering & fanart fodder for the creepier AT fans who draw porn fanart. 
  • Bad Little Boy /// Fionna & Cake: Rule 64.....They have different tastes than their real gendered counterparts; Mark (Marcello would have been better), comes off as a total creeper with completely different taste in music, Gumbald is dorky looking & doesn't seem to preoccupied with science, Fionna should honestly be pudgy with scrawny limbs.Yes, I know that Ice King did it intentionally to suit his own tastes, & that it was basically a mockery of bad crack fanfiction but all it did was fuel the fire & encourage the people who write that shit to make more of it.
  • What Was Missing: The singing in this show has never done anything for me, dare I say I even dislike it? This much singing was more than I could take.