A bluebird sang chipperly, fluttering past Princess Bubblegum’s window. The young princess sat at her desk, with a bundle of intricately woven yarn in her lap. She hummed to herself as she knitted.

“YO, PRINCESS!” Finn shouted from below the window.

“Just give me another minute, Finn,” Princess Bubblegum insisted with a smile. She added the finishing touches on her project, and lifted it up. It was a sweater, with a heart embroidered on the breast. The princess carefully folded up the sweater and placed it in a flat box, which she wrapped in yellow paper with a lime-green bow.

She tied the card to the ribbon, and carried the box out of the room.

Peppermint Butler smiled, and nodded his head respectfully.

“Please have this delivered to the address on the back of the card,” the princess said, walking away.

Curiously, the butler opened the card. It was a very simple “Happy Birthday” card. Peppermint Butler turned the card over, and his eyes widened as he read the address.

“Castle Lemongrab.”