For various reasons I wasn't able to purchase my reserved copy of the Adventure Time video game yesterday. None of the Let's Plays on YouTube are up to the Candy Kingdom levels. Which is a bummer, because when I found out that Lemongrab and the Duke of Nuts would be characters in the game, I flipped out. We (apparently) get to beat up Lemongrab and save the Duke's baby! Yay!

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So what do Lemongrab and the Duke of Nuts do in the game? From what I've heard, the game's dialogue is its strongest attribute, and that it's a very funny, entertaining game loaded with characters and dialogue that stays true to the characters.

What were some really funny quotes from LG and the Duke that stuck out to you/made you laugh? Can anyone screencap their levels and post the screencaps on here? That would be awesome, thanks!

Also, I heard a rumor that Lemongrab 2 would be in the game. Is this true? (From the looks of things, it's just Lemongrab, no boyfriend.)

Thanks, guys!
Gay lemon


"I do not know... WHERE this baby came from. You can have him. Free baby."