What are your Favorite Adventure Time episodes of each season? I've been thinking about this since everyone asks, "What's your favorite season?" and I can't pick just one, because my favorite episodes sre sprawled out all over the place.

Here are mine!

Season 0

The Pilot

Season 1

Trouble in Lumpy Space

The Jiggler

Ricardo the Heart Guy

When Wedding Bells Thaw

Freak City

The Duke

Season 2

Blood under the Skin


Crystals Have Power

The Other Tarts

The Silent King

The Real You

Guardians of Sunshine

Susan Strong

Mystery Train

Belly of the Beast

The Limit

Mortal Folly/Recoil

Season 3


Too Young

The Monster


Wizard Battle

Fionna and Cake


Thank You

Holly Jolly Secrets II

Season 4

Dream of Love

Return to the Nightosphere

Princess Monster Wife


Princess Cookie

Sons of Mars

BMO Noire

You Made Me

The Hard Easy

I Remember You

Season 5

Mystery Dungeon

All Your Fault

Little Dude

The Great Bird Man


So... What are your favorite episodes of each season?! Complete list here: