This journal is about the similarities, and differences, between the story of Mary Shelley's original 1800's novel "Frankenstein" and the characters in Adventure Time.
PMW 12

PMW is loved by her creator.

Princess Monster Wife is a very obvious homage to Frankenstein's Monster. She was created from dismembered body parts and is horrifying to look at. She is a genuinely kind person who is rejected by society because of her deformity. The main difference is that she is loved by her creator and husband, The Ice King.

Lemongrab born

The two have a complicated relationship.

The Earl of Lemongrab is a less obvious, but still very obvious, homage to Frankenstein's Monster. Like the Monster, he suffers from a deformity (of his brain rather than his appearance) that causes him to be rejected by society. While Lemongrab is a jerk, he is not evil, and has genuinely good intentions. Like Frankenstein's Monster, Lemongrab was despised by his creator.

In the original story, Frankenstein's Monster kills himself at the end by jumping off a cliff into the sea. Princess Monster Wife kills herself at the end of her episode.
PMW 36

FPF (an administrator on this wiki) ( and I had an interesting conversation about Frankenstein, PMW, and Lemongrab. After I told FPF the story of the Monster's death, he drew this:
It's Lemongrab in place of Frankenstein's Monster, standing on a cliff overlooking the sea, contemplating the act of jumping.

In the Spanish dub of Too Young, Lemongrab says at the end, "No one loves me. Everyone hates me." These were also the thoughts of Frankenstein's Monster. After I told FPF this, he drew this ------------> drawing.

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