This is a hypothetical fanfiction of what MIGHT happen IF Princess Bubblegum died. The ending was inspired by Princess Azula. I don't think she would die in the show, but when I thought of this "What If," this is what I came up with:

The Ice King sobbed loudly, drying his eyes and blowing his nose into his beard. Gunter cringed in disgust. Nearby, the Duke of Nuts wiped a tear away from his cheek, and was comforted by his first son. His mournful wife sat close by, hugging her youngest child. LSP was crying desperately for a Glob that wouldn’t answer. Her parents were unable to console her.

“I’m so sorry, Finn,” Flame Princess said gently.

Finn sighed. “I’ll be fine,” he said. “I just can’t believe she’s gone.” He fidgeted with his hat, which he held in his lap. It was wrapped around Princess Bubblegum’s hair.

“There, there, baby,” Jake said in a soothing voice, caressing a quietly sobbing Lady Rainicorn.

가장 친한 친구가 사라 졌어요!” the rainicorn wept.

“My princess, my princess!” The Ice King cried, loudly blowing his nose into his beard again.

The only person at the funeral who wasn’t in tears or close to it was Lemongrab. The earl sat beside Finn- it was difficult to tell whether he was intently focused, or in a daze. His black eyes were as dull as ever.

“Yo, man,” Finn said. “You okay?” Finn gently touched the earl’s arm. Lemongrab harshly slapped the boy’s hand away, and glared at him down his long nose.

Finn sneered. “SO-rry,” he said, averting his gaze, after glaring back for a split second. Lemongrab tenderly touched the spot on his arm where Finn had caressed it, but quickly reassumed his poker face as if the incident never happened.

“And now,” Peppermint Butler said gravely, “The new king of the Candy Kingdom will say a few words.”

Lemongrab stood up and calmly walked to the podium. Peppermint Butler glanced down and wiped a tear from his eye, his lips quivering. Cinnamon Bun took him aside and embraced him in a big, sticky hug.

“Princess Bubblegum…” began Lemongrab.

Suddenly, he gave a quick lurch, and his eyes widened as if he’d been shot by an arrow. He looked unsteady for a moment, and quickly began to tremble. As his tremors progressed to violent shivers, the crowd began to murmur amongst themselves.

“Is he fit to give a speech?”

The earl began to scream- a hideous, agonized scream the likes no one present had ever heard. He flailed madly, having lost any ounce of self-control he’d previously possessed. Crying and screaming, he collapsed to the ground, tears streaming down his face.

“Hey, man- calm down!” Jake said in a scolding tone, standing up from his chair, the only one brave enough to approach the lunatic.

“NNYYUUUUOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!” Lemongrab screamed.

Doctor Princess lept up and rushed to the scene. She pulled a tranquilizer from her pocket and stabbed it into the earl’s arm, but the needle snapped off against the touch of his exceptionally hard skin.

“PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!” Jake yelled. His hand grew to the size of a baseball glove, and he slapped Lemongrab across the face, but he kept screaming and flapping.

Jake wrapped his arms around Lemongrab and lifted him up until the earl was completely engulfed in the orange swirls. His muffled screams gradually died down, and his flailing legs went limp, dangling helplessly. The magical dog released his grip, letting the earl fall to the ground, unconscious.

The crowd was still shaken up as Lemongrab was carried off by Doctor Princess and the paramedics.

“Who IS that guy?!” Flame Princess whispered to Finn.

“The new ruler of the Candy Kingdom,” Finn replied in a voice dripping with dread.