Well, it's been almost a year since Too Young.

Most fans thought, after seeing Too Young, "Oh, man! That was some pretty crazy stuff with Finn and Princess Bubblegum!"

But I was thinking, "Wow- Lemongrab is the most interesting character in the show! I hope the creators will bring him back in later episodes!"

Jesse Moynihan, one of the two board artists/writers of Too Young, recently stated that Lemongrab is to return in Season 4- perhaps in multiple episodes! Hooray! :D

I don't think there's been a single Adventure Time character who has solicited as much seething hatred, sympathy, love, and confusion from the audience as the Earl of Lemongrab.

Fan reaction has ranged from "OMG KILL HIM I HATE HIM!" to "Poor Lemongrab!" to "HOORAY FOR LEMONGRAB" to "What the LUMP is UP with this weirdo?!"

Which brings me to the point of my first ever blog post- What is your opinion on this odd character? What do you expect, or hope for, for his return in Season 4?
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