Who do you think is the most annoying Adventure Time character, and why? Also remember: THIS IS NOT A SHIPPING BLOG. LEAVE ROMANCE OUT OF THIS.

I think Starchy is really annoying because he adds nothing to the plot, is unfunny, and is basically a VERY unfunny copy of "Scruffy the janitor" from Futurama, right down to the catchphrase. Which sucks.

Wildberry Princess has what I can only describe as one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard. (I can forgive this, because I think she's really cute and charming, though.)

Lemongrab is annoying because of his apparent inability to apologize for his misdeeds, and the fact that people are so overly-forgiving of him. I want to slap him.

Fionna is annoying because her voice is like a chicken's talons raking across a chalkboard.

Marceline annoys me because of her voice and what I can only describe as the opposite of character development.

Who do YOU think are the most annoying Adventure Time characters? DISCUSS!