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Princess Bubblegum- Love Her or Hate Her?

There's been a lot of controversy about Princess Bubblegum as a character. To be completely fair, she is fairly young, and mainly protecting her people. But she has made several insensitive, even mean, decisions during her time in the show. A lot of this (the jellyfish, torturing the Ice King, the Duke of Nuts incident) are not shipping-related, but a lot of it (insensitively rejecting Finn) is shipping related. But perhaps the most logical reason a few fans have for disliking PB is her mistreatment of her "special" creation/son.

Hear me out here- I think that PB was WAY too hard on Lemongrab. Sure; LG is a tyrannical jerk, but her mistreatment towards him pretty much dwarfs every bad decision he's ever made.

Examples include:

  • Deciding to make him in the first place, knowing that something could possibly go horribly wrong.
  • Gawking him as he panicked, instead of immediately comforting him.
  • Sticking him in an isolated castle to live a friendless life.
  • Referring to him as an experiment gone wrong when he was within earshot.
  • Causing him physical pain, which made him cry and scream.
  • Assigning him with a task he was obviously not capable of performing well.
  • Blaming him when he did a terrible job ruling, even though he obviously isn't used to being alive.
  • Firing him rudely and insulting him, when all he did was try to do his job the only way he knew how.
  • Visibly acting ashamed of him when speaking about him to Finn.
  • Deciding to have him be raised by servants, who ended up spoiling him so badly he didn't know where food came from.
  • Naming him Lemongrab. I mean... seriously. What kind of a name is Lemongrab?!Tumblr lpox0qTwDt1qfjjkvo1 500Tumblr lqiqr03txn1qinicuo1 500

Sure he's a butt, but I don't think he deserved all of that.

What do you think? Please comment and discuss!

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