What is your opinion on Princess Bubblegum? Do you love her? Hate her? Do you think she's creepy? Nice? Awesome? Too pink? Not pink enough? (THERE'S NEVER ENOUGH PINK!)

I used to hate Princess Bubblegum, because of the episode "Too Young." And it had NOTHING to do with Finn. It had to do with Lemongrab- she made him and didn't do a thing to help him even though it was obvious he was terribly unhappy and in immense emotional anguish from his isolation.

Then came "You Made Me..."

Princess Bubblegum did everything in her power to help the guy when he was going through a hard time, even as he was treating her like garbage and acting like a complete irredeemable monster for most of the episode.

Peebles is brave, strong, compassionate, and FIERCELY kindhearted. I have a lot of respect for her.

So yeah- I hated Princess Bubblegum, but now I adore her as a character.

What are your thoughts on this pretty pink princess?