Q- Is "You Made Me!' the only Moynihan/Herpich episode of season 4?

A- Reunited for a one night only performance. Regarding season four, at least.

"I did a one off episodes with Tom Herpich called, "You Made Me!"

In response to a fan question on his Formspring that is now unavailable (but could be found with enough digging around on the internet), Jesse Moynihan stated that he and Tom Herpich storyboarded the second episode featuring the Earl of Lemongrab: "We storyboarded the next one together and may do another one that Tom is working out the plot for."

Lemongrab's next episode is boarded by Jesse and Tom, is the ONLY episode boarded by Jesse and Tom of season 4, and is called "You Made Me!."

Why would I go to all the trouble of making this up?