How does the Land of Ooo started?

Well of course,Finn and Jake had to do with it.Because they are the ones who made this series a Blah bah loopsi!And yes,they are the ones who makes the series A-must-watch-series.Thanks to them.But not only the two of them..How about,Princess BubbleGum,Beemo,Cinammon Bun,Peppermint Larry,Marceline,the candy people,Ice King,and alot more than them. Also the characters in the parallel world of Adventure time,where Finn is a girl called "Fiona the Human" and Jake is a pussycat called "Cake the Cat" and many more..My expirience,when I first watched this movie,it made me want to hve interest in them..Advebture time,for me,is a series that is like mature movie (because the actions are like in a real world),not like the ones which the story cycles in one doing..Example (not mentioning any other toon) when you have one cat and a mouse,its always a mayhem!In Adventure Time,It's all about adventure,yes. But the world of adventure doesn't end!You cannot tell what is the next adventure in the episode later..That's what I love about Adventure Time :)

So,in credits,thanks to all who created ADVENTURE TIME ;)