Hey guys anyone want a sig??

here are some sigs....that i like:

AAth laughterLumpy Space PrinceAAth laughter

FinnxflamePIZZA BAGELS!!! Free marceline icon by picklecheesepie-d32mn6i-1-

Art for harleen anime card  BATMAN BRO  Art for harleen anime card

FpxfinnA Lost Flame

(this one is a test ^.^) FpxfinnA Lost FlameFpxfinn

what ill need to know:

background color

border color

text color

what the text says

double bordered or single bordered

picture(s)(if only one, where do you want it, the begining or end)

how big do you want you pictures

linked words:(example: one word from the text leads a person to you talk page another word leads a person to your profile another word leads a person to you contributions)