• Logan Winter
    1. I am not a shipper. I mention it, talk about it, but i don't support nor do i hate it (With one exception *). This has been mentioned cause it will be "mildy" touched upon.
    1. This is MY interpretation of these songs. I'm not saying that my interpretations are absolute. For me, music is a universal language. You can pretty much interpret it any way you want, according to the situation, what you're going through, ETC ETC.

    *I hate Bubbline. Well, "hate" is probably the wrong word. I don't hate the shipping itself, but some of it's supporters. When you get a constant shoving of "THIS SHIP IS CANON!! LOOK AT THE FACTS" in your face, it does lead a man to break his principles.

    Anyway, with that out of the way, let's get on with the topic. Adveā€¦

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