Ok I seen a new Phineas and Ferb specail; "meepless in Seattle" and at one part, the bad guy (Mich) became so cute, if anyone looked at him, they'll be stuck in a trance. And one character (Phineas) accidently looked at the bad guy (Mich) and became in a trance, and couldn't stop staring at the bad guy (Mich). So, I thaught how Finn and Jake were "Paralized by the cuteness", I thaught, it was the exact trance from Phineas and Ferb, so I'm making alternate middle and end. It starts right after Finn and Jake found the Cute King and his cuties.

Finn and Jake take one glance at the cuties.

Finn: Aww they're just so cute!

Finn and Jake get put in the trance.

Cute King: We're not cute! We're EVIL, and we will destroy you!

Jake: Aww that one says it's gonna destroy us!

Cute King facepalms.

Cute King: Okay, so you're just gonna say everything that I do is adourable?

Finn and Jake do not reply.

Jake falls over.

Beemo comes outside but the trance doesn't effect Beemo.

Bemmo: Finn! Jake! Come inside it's getting cold!

then, wind blows.

Beemo: Finn!

Beemo starts messing with Finn's left arm.

Beemo: Oh no! Something's wrong!

Beemo goes inside and calls PB.

later, PB comes over, the cuties have left by then.

PB studies Finn and Jake.

Princess Bubblegum: Hmm... by my studies it is a "cute trance" it's where somebody looks at something so cute that they are left there, but left in a world of people who have it.

Beemo: Well is there a cure?

Princess Bubblegum: There is no known cure.

Then, the screen fades to black.

When it comes back, it shows Finn and Jake lokking around in a purple backround (it's the place PB was talking about).

(to be continued)