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  • Lolwutburger

    Matt Groening decided to put Finn and Jake in Futurama. One of the greatest animators make a reference to a currently good show on the Cartoon Network. Hoorah.

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    I snapped, and finally made one here . I'm weird.

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    blog post

    January 22, 2013 by Lolwutburger

    delete me

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    First of all, I'm not against the characters, but against the fans. The characters, are just the same characters, with different genitials and voices, or a member of a different species. NOTHING ELSE. Why? Some fans just ruined the show, turning it from a typical kid's show with multicolored characters to a show where there is more references to adult innuendo. Finn came from a typical young boy to a boy who's in love with a girl WHO'S MADE OF FIRE. Jake came from a mature, sometimes-childish dog to a dog that did "it" to a long, technicolored, rainbow, flying unicorn/rainicorn. Princess Bubblegum came from a typical princess who's smart, to someone who's "a little" more INSANE.

    We should also buy an island! and a smaller island nearby.. fo…

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    My Rainicorn Pup Theory

    December 26, 2012 by Lolwutburger

    My theory for the pup that it will have 5 heads on one body, cuz it's ADVENTURE TIME!


    1. The Males are yellow dogs with Rainicorn heads and the Females are vice-versa.
    2. One of the pups will act like LSP
    3. The Pups will look like the G-Man
    4. One of the pups' favorite food will be Meatloaf, just like their uncle Finn.
    5. Flambo will cast Flame Shield on one of the Pups
    6. Sign Zombies will come and pet the puppies
    7. One of the pups will poop Prince Gumball's Head
    8. Pendleton Ward will come and kiss the pups and he will reveal that he is the creator of Ooo
    9. The Pups will maul One Direction, Justin Bieber, Big Time Rush and all the bad bands.
    10. The Pups will travel through time and cause the Great Mushroom War.

    Put your other theories on the comments below.

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