My theory for the pup that it will have 5 heads on one body, cuz it's ADVENTURE TIME!


  1. The Males are yellow dogs with Rainicorn heads and the Females are vice-versa.
  2. One of the pups will act like LSP
  3. The Pups will look like the G-Man
  4. One of the pups' favorite food will be Meatloaf, just like their uncle Finn.
  5. Flambo will cast Flame Shield on one of the Pups
  6. Sign Zombies will come and pet the puppies
  7. One of the pups will poop Prince Gumball's Head
  8. Pendleton Ward will come and kiss the pups and he will reveal that he is the creator of Ooo
  9. The Pups will maul One Direction, Justin Bieber, Big Time Rush and all the bad bands.
  10. The Pups will travel through time and cause the Great Mushroom War.

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