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  • Loraomg

    April fools SEASON

    April 1, 2015 by Loraomg

    look; one does not simply prank in one day, & why is it called April fools if your just going to go for one day? why not just use the entire month? you dont really have to i guess, but it makes more sense to just go for the month & say "april fools" & enjoy it while you can. best month for pranks, so why not?

    go! prank to your hearts

    content! you got all year


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  • Loraomg

    back in action.

    November 23, 2014 by Loraomg

    hey everyone! long time no see. sorry i havnt updated my blog in a while. I have 2 study a lot and i've been trying to get eccepted into a good school. and i've been working on learning a second language. any way... ill cut 2 the episode review: "ghost fly"; while being kinda funny, was utterly stupid. jake kills a fly bacause it got too close to his stew. the fly comes back to haunt him, its holding a reaper syth, tries to kill him. that more or less sums up the entire episode. it ends with jake actually giving the ghost fly the stew. (utterly useless  plot.) what was the point of killing it in the first place if he was just going give it to the fly anyway? anyway thank you for reading. ill post again soon.


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  • Loraomg


    June 7, 2014 by Loraomg

    uh... how do i start? so... breezy is helping finn with the flower because shes in love with the flower. that makes sense cause shes a bee. but why is she in love with finn himself? and second, when LSP said she wanted to go into the "deep end" did she mean "tear 15" or did she mean something else? not to mention; out of all the princesses in ooo, why LSP?and i almost forgot to mention; whats with frozen yogert princess? like jake had mentioned, she does sort of look like a mix of PB and flame princess. at this point im not even sorry for finn anymore, im just sorry for PB, and i find her verry VERRY annoying, irritating infact. not just her; i feel bad for just about every other princess finn's encountered in the past episode. and if breezy…

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  • Loraomg

    backtrack to the war

    April 6, 2014 by Loraomg

    so how do you think Finn's dad got trapped? i keep wondering if it had something to do with the great mushroom war.

    • first off; i think its mentioned somewhere that Finn lost his parrents during the war.
    • second; how does billy know LFinn's father?
    • third of all; if Finn remembers the day jake and his parrents found him, than how doesnt he remember his parents?
    • and finally; [like a mentioned in the last blog] what happened to Finn's mom?
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  • Loraomg


    April 5, 2014 by Loraomg

    so i guess father's day is comming early this year 

    like the add says 

    we basically met everyone elses parents but now we found out that Finn's dad is still alive.

    i know i brought this topic up already but i can't help it its just a bit radical. plus how did Finns father get trapped in the first place? where's Finn's mother?

    well i guess we have to wait till monday to fand out.

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