uh... how do i start? so... breezy is helping finn with the flower because shes in love with the flower. that makes sense cause shes a bee. but why is she in love with finn himself? and second, when LSP said she wanted to go into the "deep end" did she mean "tear 15" or did she mean something else? not to mention; out of all the princesses in ooo, why LSP?and i almost forgot to mention; whats with frozen yogert princess? like jake had mentioned, she does sort of look like a mix of PB and flame princess. at this point im not even sorry for finn anymore, im just sorry for PB, and i find her verry VERRY annoying, irritating infact. not just her; i feel bad for just about every other princess finn's encountered in the past episode. and if breezy wants a drone, than why not just get a line of suiters like any other princess or queen in ooo? 'in case you havnt seen the episode breezy (just a precaution: read this bold print first) here's the link to the episode and i'd sugest remembering this sight for further episodes because it is much more reliable than the sight i used before i found it.

just tell me what you thing 

loraomg <3

ps: sorry about not pulling through with the weekly posts but i had a huge pile of school prodjects to finish. so thank you for waiting.


i understand the flower part but why is she in love with finn?