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  • LostHambo

    Anyone remember that line from It Came From The Nightosphere?

    "Dude, were supposed to be a team. A team, who's sport is stop-your-dad-from-suckin-souls, ball." -Finn

    That is problably one of my favorite lines in Adventure Time. I crack up every time it's on xD There need to be more episodes that are like seanon one and the begining of season 2, don't you think? Too much love crap right now, I want more episodes with VIOLENCE!

    And now a ton of people think i'm psycho. Great.

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  • LostHambo

    First blog post

    February 20, 2012 by LostHambo

    so, what to talk about,

    I'll talk about the latest Adventure Time of cource!

    The season 3 ending of Adventure Time was really good. I liked how insane Flame Princess was (What really creeps me out is that all of my friends say I look like her, GO RED HAIR!). I didn't really like all the emotions and love and crap like that, but besides that it was good. I think that there should be more fighting in AT, like in season one.

    besides that, good episode

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