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  • LoveBeast

    Season Five's almost here!

    November 10, 2012 by LoveBeast

    Leave your predictions here!

    Do you think it's going to be a GREAT Season, or a GOOD, or even a so-so season?

    We have the list of all the titles in Season 5, which title sounds like it'll be an interesting episode?

    Just TALK! (I'm so excited for this Season, I'm hoping for more Marceline and LSP.)

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  • LoveBeast

    Okay, so I was looking at the list of eps. and it said. Season 5 : TBA. and it says Flame Princess returns to redeem herself. Return to what?? Where did she go?? Will this be countied from the Season Finale, "The Lich" ? DICUSS HERE! This can be very interesting. :)

    Let's hope she has more important roles in S5...

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  • LoveBeast

    I'm tired of seeing them EVERYWHERE. and when people usually do these kind of blogs they have illogical reasons, and just spread hate. Okay, so can we please stop it. (Not hate blogs, I'm sorry. I'm talking about when they compare each other and say which one is better for Finn...those are annoying. But I comment on them to prove a point and express my opinion.) DICUSS IT HERE!

    On a more pleasant note,

    How do you like the AT series so far? I think mostly all the characters have great development!

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