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  • Luckytheduck

    Well,first of who dosen't like Marceline's songs? If you don't,go sit in the corner and think about your life.Ok,he songs are amazing (thank you Rebecca Sugar!) and I especially "I'm just your problem". And I like how they aren't really metaphorical or cryptic but still sound awesome.To top it all of' they are sung by one of the awesomest singers ever! I mean probably anyone can make Marceline sound awesome,but Olivia Olson doe sit really well.The fact that she sings add to her awesome character.

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  • Luckytheduck

    Marcy and Simon

    April 29, 2013 by Luckytheduck

    I think Marceline's relationship with the Ice King is really cool. The real father they gave her is really sucky so they gave her a father figure that actually cares.Or at least used to.The fact that the one person who really cared about her was robbed from her adds to her character.And she even still likes and cares about him too even though he dosen't even remember their history. It shows us that she cares and loves.Even at times when the person she loves dosen't love her back.

    P.S.sorry for ranting last week

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  • Luckytheduck


    April 23, 2013 by Luckytheduck

    I'm so sorry I've been inactive.I said I would write a blog every Monday and I've stopped for a month!It's just I've been busy with life so I have just not been able to do it.I'll try to stay on track more ans again am relly sorry.I will write one right now before I forget!

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  • Luckytheduck

    Marceline's design

    March 11, 2013 by Luckytheduck

    Marceline's design is awesome. No it's NOT that I think she's hot you idiots.I like the fact that Marceline dosen't wear  the same clothes every single apperance.They even change her hairstyle.Do any of you remember a time she wore the same outfit?(if you do tell me)Secondly, her hair so mathematically long!I wish my hair was that long.It's all flowy,lengthly,and awesome.It complements the fact that she floats.And finally, monster Marcelines.Even she is a cartoon character you can still she crazy detail in those(partially)creepy designs.Like the one used in "Henchman"when she scares Jake away and some of her hair curls up.So yeah Marceline has an awesome design to complement her awesome personality.

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  • Luckytheduck

    Marceline Monday

    March 11, 2013 by Luckytheduck

    Okay I'm officially making Monday:Marceline Monday.I'll make other posts but expect one about Marceline EVERY Monday (exept when I absolutely possitively can't get to a computer)

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