• Mördaren


    August 28, 2015 by Mördaren

    The Carton Network Serie AdventureTime Finn the human is made by Tony Åslund And Sofie Vikberg and Stefan `` Stisse`` Karlsson former Nilsson ..

    And the story is reall and the series is full truth reality.. That they planned the murder of Jens stormo where they poison his body with heavy metals..

    to make him crazy mad and to have a Aneurysm in his Aorta..

    In the series there is Finn the human and jack his dog to be Sofie and Tony and the reversal of roles So named Finn ( Fiona) and Jacke (cake)..

    Its also about Flame Prince, and (Flame Princess) and they are both wearing a red crystal .. They also called for (FP) which is the chemical symbol for amalgam (mercury) ... who they give Jens Stormo they call him in the serie Simon Petrikov and when …

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