I understand that you guys will hate a charcter and I respect that. I don't enjoy when you guys decide to hate characters without any actual reasons.

If you don't like Princess Bubblegum, I don't want to hear that "She's too pink." or "She broke Finn's heart." Do you want to have a reason not to like her, I would say she's emotional detatched and isn't aware of the feelings of others. (Which isn't a bad thing, I'm the same way and it's something I can't control because I DON'T REALIZE that what I'm doing/saying can be hurtful.) BUT, I'd rather hear THAT as a reason to dislike her rather than "She's a ***** for giggling at Princess Cookie". 

A kiss from princess bubblegum by sircinnamon-d4pnkcd
If you don't like Flame Princess, I don't want to hear that "FP sucks because Fubblegum is the only good ship" or "She's as dumb as a rock" (which I actually heard)! FP isn't completely developed so I can see why the fandom can find her as a stale character. BUT FP still has plenty of potentional. She's FAR from being a Mary Sue, so let's stop calling her that. FP has been locked in a lantern most of her life, so the writers are showing her as a naive, adventurous girl that's finally able to see the world. She is meant to burn but she's not declared "evil". Let's not create theories and consider them canon. 

If you hate Finn, Jake, Marceline, or even Ice King, give actual CANON reasons about why you dislike their character. I'm not going to write examples for these characters because they are often sympathized or praised for any action they commit (plus I'm really tired). 

I wrote this because I was annoyed with all of the blog posts made about hating a character (mostly FP or PB) I'M JUST SPEAKING MY MIND, YO. 

(i don't plan on spell checking or anything sorry)