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Card Wars being made into a real card game!

So... I was just browsing, and I'm not sure if you've heard of this... But... Card Wars will now be a real game!

It's being distributed by the guys who distribute Pokemon Cards so... yeah.

Finn's pack will have creatures plus the Ancient Scholar, so I guess the pig will be there. And Jake's pack will have corn! And maybe the Bald Sad Man.

Now what's interesting about the game (this part is copied from the website): Each turn, a player has 2 Action Points to spend on Creatures, Spells, and Locations. Cards cost between 0 and 2 Action Points to play. When you summon a Creature, you choose which lane you want to place it in. Some Creatures have FLOOP abilities that allow you to use their special abilities. When you attack with a Creature down a lane, you might find an opposing Creature, or you might get to deal your damage straight to your opponent’s Hit Points.

And there will be an online version too on the iOS, so that's pretty cool.

Now all we need are holograms.


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