This wiki needs fun activities, although this wiki has to concentrate on the perfection of articles, I think users should be cut some slack, test your knowledge on the Flippin' Hard Adventure Time Quizzes - Week 1. There will be new quizzes each week.


  1. What keys did Wilberry Princess have to play in the episode: "Prisoners of Love"?
  2. In what episode did Flame Princess have her jewel missing from her forehead as an error?
  3. What is Pendleton Ward's favorite game on the Nintendo DS?
  4. Who designed the backgrounds for Adventure Time and when did he leave the show?
  5. What color were the two Woobeewoo that held up the chief Woobeewoo in "The Hard Easy"?


When you answer these questions, I will tell you how many you got correct, and how many you got wrong, but I won't tell you which ones were correct or wrong, the first person to answer them all correct will win a gif. A fancy gif, a gif so flippin' awesome they won't regret it.

So yeah. Have fun.