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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on February 26
  • My occupation is writing graphic novels
  • I am Female
  • MCcomics

    2000+ Pages on the Wiki!

    October 12, 2013 by MCcomics

    Hey guys, the Adventure Time Wiki has officially reached 2000+ pages! I think this deserves a sort of celebration, because it shows how much we all care about informing people about this amazing TV show.

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  • MCcomics

    Hey guys, I'm writing a novel if you didn't already know. This is a rough draft after a first draft that was drawn. It's the first story, and it will eventually be half written, half drawn. I will try to update it, but I'm not even done with the first rough draft, and I'm not too sure how to finish up this prologue. Please don't insult it too much if you don't like it, I know some parts aren't very good. But I want to know if it has potential. Also, I'm censoring it, so don't worry.

    The Way We Are -By M.C.

    'Runaway Path' (One month ago)... If there was anything that Andromeda- one of the four children of Queen Aquarius- wanted, it would have been to be loved and accepted by her family and community. Of course, she wouldn't be taking a mad da…

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  • MCcomics

    Okay. I have been chat banned now TWICE while I was gone and didn't do anything. So you know what? I'm guessing you all hate me! You guys think I have no emotions, just this creepy weirdo who says dirty stuff all the time. Well I've tried to be a funny person who is enjoyed by people! Not just a freak! I don't want to be hated! I don't want my life to be screwed up even more! I just want to love Adventure Time, and meet online people who are like me! That was all I wanted, but no! I've realized that when you guys call me a perv, you don't mean it as a joke! You people freaking hate my guts! You guys want to lock me in closets, dissect me and look at my brain, and chat ban me for no reason! Sorry if you hate my personality! It's your own fa…

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  • MCcomics

    Okay, I've heard that there will be a tragedy in the season four finale. This is freaking me out, and probably a lot of other people. I kinda think this will be an interesting discussion.

    Please discuss opinions, and maybe we will get some interesting guesses about it.

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  • MCcomics

    Which is your favorite? These are non-traced made up humanoid versions of LSP, Beemo, and LR. I used a normal pencil, colored pencils, and lined paper.

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