Well, you all are like freaking your butts off at this blog, but I have some reasons to think this. Some things he does involving Finn have raised questions to my mind. In the episode Dad's Dungeon, he wanted Finn to 'handle his body' because he thought it was weird, then he started giggling. And in Incendium, he, erm... Put his hands somewhere innappropriate on Finn. So, WTF here? I am also wondering...


Robot romance? It could work, since neither one has a gender, but Beemo says he wants to be a boy. I call him a he, but that doesn't mean I think he is a boy. But Beemo IS voiced by a girl... See the confusion and possibilities? Please respond ;) HAHAHAHHAAAAAA JUST KIDDING!!! No, all I think is it would be cute if BMO and NEPTR were buds.