Okay. I have been chat banned now TWICE while I was gone and didn't do anything. So you know what? I'm guessing you all hate me! You guys think I have no emotions, just this creepy weirdo who says dirty stuff all the time. Well I've tried to be a funny person who is enjoyed by people! Not just a freak! I don't want to be hated! I don't want my life to be screwed up even more! I just want to love Adventure Time, and meet online people who are like me! That was all I wanted, but no! I've realized that when you guys call me a perv, you don't mean it as a joke! You people freaking hate my guts! You guys want to lock me in closets, dissect me and look at my brain, and chat ban me for no reason! Sorry if you hate my personality! It's your own faults! Obviously, no one sees me as an enjoyable, creative, and funny person at all! You take my creepy behaviors seriously, and now you all want me to die! You guys probably think it would be best if I never went in chat or commented on blogs ever agian! And I hardly even believe this blog will get any attention, Cuz you all hate me! So how about you all celebrate my misery, cuz you all are jerks!

Update: Okay, but still. Being chat banned sucks butt, and I just don't wanna get perma-banned, like wikiboy. But since I've realized you guys enjoy me after all, how about I say some random junk, cuz like, this new paragraph is really short. Who here likes parfaits?! They soooo good! BTW It's really hard for me to upload photos and junk. Cuz, like, Oh my glob Melissa, I just like, totally ruined my manicure! Phil! stop burning the microwave with cigarette lighters! Is this camera on? Give me a close up! Oh lump Finn, why are you hanging on a tree branch by your underwear? And then Goldilocks shaved her head, and donated her hair to a tree witch. Finn needs some chest hair, am I right ladies? I mean, come on! Problem with that is, I dropped my lemon jellow onto your head, and lets spray whipped cream on matryoshka dolls! Lalalala I'm a bunny, and I like to eat children with my sharp pointy teeth, btw does this hat make my butt look big, or does this butt make my hat look small? Well, I need to go to walmart and paint the floor rainbow. Adios yo mamas, and isn't all this totally wtf? :3