Hey guys, I'm writing a novel if you didn't already know. This is a rough draft after a first draft that was drawn. It's the first story, and it will eventually be half written, half drawn. I will try to update it, but I'm not even done with the first rough draft, and I'm not too sure how to finish up this prologue. Please don't insult it too much if you don't like it, I know some parts aren't very good. But I want to know if it has potential. Also, I'm censoring it, so don't worry.

The Way We Are -By M.C.

'Runaway Path' (One month ago)... If there was anything that Andromeda- one of the four children of Queen Aquarius- wanted, it would have been to be loved and accepted by her family and community. Of course, she wouldn't be taking a mad dash out of the Sky-Forestian Constitutional Monarchy if she had been. Andromeda was always considered by her strict and elegant mother to be the 'problem child,' of the four. Her oldest sibling- Albatross- was a fine young man who always took care of everyone, including the Queen herself. Andra always considered him to be a real suck-up. Next in the age line (after Andromeda) was Astrid. Astrid always did as she was told, never talked back, and had a very princess-like manner. Andromeda disliked her the most. She once overheard her mother say that she was "glad she got a true princess on the 'second try.'" This was after Andra came home wearing her comfortable black dress with a torn trim, that her mother "specifically told her not to wear in public," but the comment still felt like it wasn't just from the anger of her mother. Then there was Andra's youngest sister Alyssum. She was the only sibling that did not treat Andra like a freak, although she was only eight years old- half of Andromeda's age. She was the only one of her family who seemed to actually be proud of her at her high school graduation. It didn't bother Andra that much, since almost every sixteen year old graduates, but it was an important day for her, since she knew she could legally leave her family at that point, and they had practically no control over her. But she forgot that she still had no control over the nosy press. As a kind of celebrity, Andromeda always found herself followed by the public and local press. Her family was on the local news, Internet, TV, and in many other forms of public displays and articles. She usually saw positive things about her family, besides a few occasions. Once, Albatross was caught having a drink at a party, and that got on the front of an article. Astrid once tripped on her heels and fell on the side of the curb after it rained, and that got around 2 million hits on Youtube. But those events were nothing compared to the terror that had happened to Andromeda.

Andromeda was walking through the thick jungle surrounding the hill that The Sky Forest rested on, with a bag and suitcase of her possessions. She was only in a night gown and rain-boots, and she was soaked with cold rain. Her white hair with purple stripes was flat from the rain beating on her head, and occasionally a gust of wind would blow her hair smack-dab into her face. Andra knew she hadn't been walking very long, but she was so overwhelmed she couldn't keep track of time. Andra sneezed and wondered if the press was still following her, but refused to turn around. She felt that if she did, she would start crying. Suddenly, she heard footsteps on the muddy soil, and felt her green face turn blue in embarrassment. She clutched the handle on her suitcase. "There she is!" A man shouted. "No!" Andra whispered to herself. Suddenly at least ten reporters were surrounding her from all sides, with cameras and papers and microphones everywhere. All at once everyone started shouting at her in persuit of a story. "Princess, are you actually leaving the-" "And so you can see-" "-after having an affair w-" "-very upset-" "Are you really-" "Get away from me!!!" Andra shouted to everyone around her. She then used the only power she was born with. Her hair shot out in every direction, hitting all of the reporters and knocking them down. The last thing she shouted to the press was "I HATE YOU ALL!!!," and- now completely hidden in her hair- ran as fast as her tired legs could go. Andromeda stopped to catch her breath. She was past the hill, and by a river with a large metal pipe pumping clean water into it. She shrunk her hair back a bit, and used the water in the river to clean off her now exposed face. The water felt cold and smelled like algae and mud, but it was quite refreshing to her. Andra stood back up and looked off to the distance. She realized that she was running towards where her cousin- Nightshade -lived. Nightshade was the only person who had ever respected Andra for who she was, since she was also a bit of a 'problem child' herself. She used to make some bad decisions, but now she realizes this. Nightshade always told Andra to never do anything that she'd regret, but now Andra had broken that rule. She just wanted to do a last chance thing right before she left the kingdom, but she was followed by three guys with their iPhone cameras. Then the press came immediately, and Andromeda's whole life felt ruined. The more Andra thought about this, the harder it got to fight back her tears. She might never see her love again, and she could never go back. Andra climbed into the water drain pipe, wrapped her soaked body with her dripping hair, and cried. . . . Heola Jamora was in the leader's cave waiting for her unknown punishment. She nervously twirled her waxy hair strands through her fingers. She looked at the clock by the cave wall, lit up by the rows of lanterns. As a Cavernite, Heola's species lived underground in caves and tunnels, and they only went on the surface to hunt at night. In Cavernite culture, the caves hold memories of relatives, and to live in them brings love and health from ancestors. The Cavernites are not lower level species than the humans, vampires, and countless others. They also have electricity, microwaves, schools, and books and such. But most Cavernites are against any other forms of technology, such as computers, phones, and many forms of medical technology. The Cavernites don't really need much medical tech though. They are immune to almost every illness found in the caves, including STDs and food poisoning. The secret to their great health is their very acidic bodies. Cavernites produce a very potent acid that will dissolve their food in their stomachs almost immediately, unless the food is too junky for their bodies to handle. A Cavernite could eat a rock, and they would be completely fine. The only problem with their acidic bodies has to do with how the acid is created. The acid is a chemical reaction from some of the hormones secreted by the lymphatic and endocrine system. If too many hormones are released, like almost every human and humanoid, they will have to expel the excess hormones through tear ducts, sweat pores, and et cetera. Unfortunately, acid is produced in mass amounts in the Cavernite body, so they will actually excrete large amounts of rock dissolving acid tears out of their eyes. Since this damages the caves, crying is considered to be a sin, since it shows 'weakness' and it destroys the place. The leader of Heola's tribe finally came out, with his beloved whip behind his back. Heola had seen him use the whip before, and she hoped he wasn't going to leave a nasty mark on her back. Women in Cavernite culture were considered as 'lesser beings' to men. They did as they were told, were denied education, and had no say in anything. Heola was different from the other young women, though. When she was six, she started going to school. She dressed like a boy and hid at the back of the classrooms, watching. She educated herself in the library, and read so many books, she was often avoided due to her shocking knowledge. When she was eight years old, she wandered into an abandoned lab in the tunnels. She figured that it once belonged to some vampires, since she saw a dusty old photo of a vampire family in one of the drawers. She turned on a still functional computer, and found that it was left logged in. Heola knew if she was caught she would be in huge trouble, but she was so fascinated. It wasn't long before she knew how to search the Internet, and she found the truth about her species. She also took an official I.Q. test, and discovered that she had an I.Q. over fifty points above average. She already figured she was unusually smart, but it still pleased her. But to any Cavernite, she was still useless, and they would never believe her potential. The leader sat down on his chair. "With some thought, I'll give you forty days to prove yourself. But if you fail, you know the consiquence." "Why can't I just play a 'male' role? I can work like anyone else! Please, it won't hurt anything!" Heola knew this was a pointless attempt. The leader looked at her with such a cold face, Heola felt her legs go numb and shivered. The leader responded in a loud, deep voice. "FORTY. DAYS." He then stood up, dismissed Heola, and left.

(Four months ago)...

Malason Hill smiled as her mother took her picture. She was wearing her cap and gown, with her distinguished diploma in one hand and her mind mage staph in the other. Her gown had a special gold trim on it, since Malason graduated in the top five of her class at Poshwood High. On her gown, she also had three tassels: One for being a mind mage, one for being in the science club, and one for getting straight A's. "I am very proud of you!" Malason's mom congratulated. Malason smiled. "Thanks mom! Once I get settled in, I'll be sure to visit you often." "Bye Panda Face!" Malason turned to her sister. "Bye Sugar Bee Bee!" She didn't mind it when her six-year-old sister called her panda face. After all, she does have grey, panda-like markings on her white-haired face, surrounding her purple eyes. She is a white Wolfian- a humanoid grey and white wolf. She also has grey tipped ears and a short, fluffy white tail. Malason walked towards the front of the building. She never felt comfortable at parties, even if it was her graduation party. All of the noise and social rituals tended to be a bit too much for her. She never really had close friends to hang out with anyways. Her school was mostly for the snotty rich kids, but she got in through her academic success, unlike almost all of the other students. Malason didn't know what the deal was with everyone. They all had these tight social behaviors between each pack, and if you didn't act like them, you would be treated like a total loser. This made absolutely no sense to her. Why couldn't they just leave her alone? How was she supposed to know how to act? She once told a girl who commented rudely on her outfit this. "Mm, yeah, like did you get thaaat, like, from the poor house?" "Sorry, but it's not like anyone told me what I'm apparently supposed to dress like. You can't criticize someone who didn't do anything on purpose. Besides, if your style is 'sl**,' then I don't want anything to do with it." Malason didn't understand why that was followed by those little gasps that airheads make and laughter. The best conclusions she could come up with were either that they tried to turn her comment into some odd sort of insult, or they were so stupid, that when they think too hard their brains panic, and it induces laughter. She tended to go with the second conclusion, since she got a real kick out of it. "Hey Panda Face!" Malason's thoughts were interrupted by some guy she had in her history class. Malason tended to always be bothered by a group of humans the most. Since she was a Wolfian, they liked to treat her like a dog, and sometimes they would make fun of her hair. She always liked wearing her long grey hair in a bun, so they would sometimes call her 'Grandma.' She was glad that they rarely commented on her heavier body shape, even though it didn't offend her much at all. "Leave me alone. I'm not even doing anything." Malason kept walking. She didn't want to deal with him. "Where are you going?" Malason still didn't turn around, even though he was following her. "Don't you have anything better to do than follow me?" Malason didn't expect him to even listen to her. She turned around and he was also with two girls. "The party is the other way, you morons!" "We know that, Panda! But we're going this way. So you have to-" "NO! Don't tell me what to do, don't try to control me, and leave me alone! You will NEVER change what I do, and you never will, since we will almost NEVER see eachother again!" Right as the two girls smirked, Malason shot a purple beam of energy out of her mage staph that caused all three of them to black out. Wiping a tear off her face, she kicked all three of them with a vengeful smile, and continued on her way. . . . Quinn B. was standing in the lounge room at the Rock Realm High graduation party. He looked at the photo his mom took of him with his phone. His face was red with embarrassment while being up on the stage. Sure, alot of people get nervous for being on the stage, but Quinn had a bad history for stage fright. He didn't look like a guy who would panic easily; he had good upper body strength and abs from working out. Even though he wasn't bad looking, he never had a girlfriend. He was considered to be a nerd, but he didn't really care that much. He liked video games, watching nerdy T.V. shows, and acting like a dork a lot. His best friends Chraig Maxton and Jagger Felstone -both vampires- are a lot like this, too. In Supernaturalia, vampires have white hair and almost white skin, and they get terrible burns in the sunlight. Most are not immortal, but their lifespan is usually eight hundred years. They can morph into bats, turn others into vampires (though it can be prevented or reversed), and they consume blood through their fangs for nutrition, as long as the blood is warm, red, and healthy. While Jagger is pure vampire, Chraig is three-fourths vampire and one-fourth human. He is a somewhat tall, and very thin person. His cream colored hair was in a teased half mowhawk, with thick cream eyebrows. He has more color in his skin than a normal vampire, and he has kind, bright blue eyes. On the other hand, Quinn is pure human, with light skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. "My picture looks horrible!" Quinn put his phone away. Chraig walked up to him. "At least you didn't barf, like in your fifth grade graduation... even though it was after you were off the stage." Quinn glared at him. He had been gone since he left around fifteen minutes ago to get a drink. Quinn wasn't going to ask, but then he noticed the redness around his eyes. "Where the heck have you been? And why are your eyes all puffy? Did she have something to do with this?" Quinn had struck something in Chraig, but he didn't notice. Chraig was always a bit sensitive, but he would never admit it. He remembered when a mage once told him he would be a great mind mage, but he denied it. He figured he would never hear the end of it, and he was pretty sure he would hate it. Quinn didn't know it, but lately Chraig was finding it harder to get over things, and holding back sadness was literally becoming painful. Chraig didn't tell anyone, but he once accidentally made himself pass out in pain and hyperthermia doing this. "I have allergies." Chraig knew Quinn wouldn't fall for it, but he didn't want to get that upset all over again. But he still felt his face get hot. Quinn snorted. "Yeah, right. You must be allergic to your ex, then." Chraig couldn't help but feel hurt by that comment. He knew Quinn meant it in a joking way, but his break-up was only a week ago. And Margaret yet again harrassed him just about fifteen minutes ago.

Chraig was talking with some friends when Margaret walked up to him. His friends stopped talking and looked in her direction. Two of them left, since Margaret brought unexplained fear wherever she went. "Oh HEY Chraig!" Margaret spoke in a loud voice that unnerved Chraig. No one knew for sure why he was so easily manipulated by her, but Chraig refused to answer any questions, as if he was hiding something. "It's me, Margaret. Remember?" Chraig heard some guys snicker behind him. He tried to ignore what was going on, but then Margaret wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She was drawing attention, as usual. "Remember when we used to talk and... make out?" She whispered the last part in his ear, and that was when he started to lose his cool. "Cut it out!" Chraig said it firmly, but then he choked up. Just looking at Margaret brought back that terrible day, and now he felt like it was almost happening again. Margaret let go, but she didn't stop talking. She looked deep into his eyes with false affection. "Remember?" Chraig felt a force pull him into her gaze. He remembered all of the beautiful things about her that he had fallen for, and the world seemed to almost slow down. He was so conflicted with emotion, he felt completely stunned. He tried to respond, but he was still too choked. All of a sudden, Margaret kicked Chraig straight into the crotch with a malicious smile. He then fell on his knees and coughed in agonizing pain. Margaret looked down at Chraig. "And remember when I DUMPED you?! Happy graduation, dumb***!" She then walked away without even looking back. Not one guy was on Margaret's side. In fact, one guy even tossed a shoe at her. Chraig didn't notice though; he was facing the ground in pain. He felt dizzy, and his eyes were welling up with tears. He heard someone ask if he was okay, but then he felt his stomach turn to liquid. That was when he morphed into a bat and flew away.

Chraig turned away and covered his face in his sleeve. "Geeze, I was only gone for like, ten minutes!" Quinn knew then that he had crossed a line. Margaret probably hurt him again, and most likely made him cry. Quinn didn't like seeing his best friend like this, so he gave him a bit of space. Then he saw Jagger come by. Jagger was seventeen, with a medium heighted body. His bangs came down in long points, and almost covered his eyes. All of his hair was dyed with red tips. Jagger also came from a wealthy family, so his house was a small mansion, with alot of underground rooms specifically for vampires. Quinn had recently asked if he and Chraig could live there with him, so he was hoping Jagger had news on this. "Hey, guess what?" Jagger smiled. "The landlord said you guys can live with me in Mansion Valley!" "Alright!" Quinn high-fived with Jagger. "You hear that Chraig?" Chraig smiled and was about to say something, when a guy interrupted him. "Mansion Valley? Hey, that's where Margaret Kiley is moving into!" Quinn gave a look of concern to Chraig, but he was already flying away. Jagger frowned. "Yeah... he's not coming back anytime soon."

Chraig was only a blur as he flew away in bat form. "I need to get away from everyone!" He thought to himself. He first flew to the bathroom, but there were too many people in there, so he flew to the roof for some peace. He was probably up there for ten seconds until he noticed five people doing drugs, and two people doing... something else. Disgusted, he just gave up and sat at the bar on the farthest seat.  Most of the people at the bar were peoples' older siblings or friends with houses, like Jagger. Chraig didn't care though; he was burried in his sleeves trying to forget everything, but couldn't. A couple of older girls noticed him. One of them he knew- Lindsey -walked up to him. "Hey, are you alright?" Her concern annoyed Chraig. "Leave me alone Lindsey." He turned away, but at least three girls with the average age of twenty had taken notice. He prepared for mockery, but instead got the exact opposite: they were comforting him. At first this really annoyed him, but then some of them started hugging him, and one was even flirting with him. Chraig then just stayed there, and continued to look upset, loving it. It was not long before two other guys of his age caught on and tried the same method, but Chraig was better at it, since it was somewhat real. He tried not to smile.

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