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    Quick updates of my thoughts on the most recent AT episodes, Burning low and BMO Noir. As per usual, everything is IMO.

    So, the much anticipated episode is finally here! With a legitamte cannon clash between PB and FP I imagine this episode caused quite a few smiles for the FPXFinn fans and some stubborn head shaking from the PBxFinn fans. This episode ended up being more or less what I was expecting from the episode: PB would not be reacting as she appeared, misscommunication would cause stress for Finn and that at the end we'd just see Finn and FP grow closer. And low an behold: that's basically what happened.

    BUT, and there always is a but with these episodes, I still got some great curve-ball cannon from the AT team!

    While I was expecting Fin…

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    Sons of Mars

    July 28, 2012 by M TheVampireKing

    So... newest episode of AT: Sons of Mars!

    This episode was a bit of a surprise episode all around. The title was highly speculated upon, the discription's meaning was rather debated in meaning, and even though I knew that magic man would be in this episode, his role was still surprising to me.

    This episode over all one of my favourites from the seasons so far. The characters in this episodes were some of the more clever IMO and Grod Gob Glob Grod was just too clever for me. I just love it when the AT team does something with that sort of consistancy with the rest of the series. The character itself was just entertaining to me.

    Seeing magic man again was also not what I expected. While he was still a jerk and almost (technically did) get Jake k…

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    Card Wars

    July 18, 2012 by M TheVampireKing

    This episode falls under my category of "normal" AT epiosde. No inter-character development... except another weird little quark from Jake that makes me wonder at how he's managed to stay uncorrupted by evil up until now...

    I really liked the little ins and outs of Beemo in this episode. We find out he can skateboard! (go figure) and we got another great line out of him when he dropped down on Finn with his "Beemo chop." Beemo has always been a funny character... and I'm glad that the writers evolved him into a sentient character rather than have him be a video game consol... I'd really like to see some back story for him some day!

    Other than that... the game Card Wars itself was an interesting concept... but the whole episode broke down int…

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    So, quick comments on season four up to epsidoe... 92? (Card wars)

    Loved the season's premire (Hot to the Touch). Really enjoying the colour FP brings to the show. The writers must have seen that the viewers were getting a little tired of the repeated formula of Finn and PB. FP really is just a monkey wrench though... she could end up with Finn (and will if PB stands by) but I find that unlikely. Episode's result: +50 romantic tension for Jake

    Five Short Graybles, Web Weirdos and Dream of Love were all just classic AT episodes. Nothing really cannonish in these episodes... Except in Five Short Graybles we see an interesting holigraphic depiction of the earth with a big hole in it... Result of the Mushroom Wars? Maaayyyybe.... Dream of Love seems …

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