Quick updates of my thoughts on the most recent AT episodes, Burning low and BMO Noir. As per usual, everything is IMO.

So, the much anticipated episode is finally here! With a legitamte cannon clash between PB and FP I imagine this episode caused quite a few smiles for the FPXFinn fans and some stubborn head shaking from the PBxFinn fans. This episode ended up being more or less what I was expecting from the episode: PB would not be reacting as she appeared, misscommunication would cause stress for Finn and that at the end we'd just see Finn and FP grow closer. And low an behold: that's basically what happened.

BUT, and there always is a but with these episodes, I still got some great curve-ball cannon from the AT team!

While I was expecting Finn to stay with FP and not drop everything to be with PB, I was definatly NOT expecting him to come out and flat-out say that he was done with her. While we do see a spark of hope from PB in the end of the episode (so stealthily pointed out by Jake), the AT has essentially put any chances of Finn being with PB down the chute. And say, good on them!

While I may not have made any freinds with that statement, it's a smart choice. They've spent the season building up FP as the logical choice for Finn, and they've spent season and season shutting down Finn's chances with PB. But it was also a preatty bold move by the team... once that sort of thing has been done, there's defiantly no taking it back. If there is any chance for PB to be with Finn at this point, the AT team is going to have to pull some major tricks to get it done. Or kill FP. Which I would not advise, as that would only leave the MarcyXFinn fans un-insulted at this point.

Thought the over all episode structure was good, loved seeing FP on a more normal, relaxed level. Would love to see more of her as a character! I also want to know why she left home or why she's living in that house.... The episode felt preatty fast though, as I'd seen basically half of the episode in advance in preview form.

Good episode! Lot's of surprises as usual, looking forward to Ignition Point!

Next episode up: BMO Noir

I was excited when I read the name of this episode, I've always enjoyed BMO as a character. The episode itself was rather inovative as it was very much NOT the normal structure for an AT episode. And it's always nice to see them try something new. And guess what? It worked!

It made me laugh and laugh to hear BMO doing all the voices of the different animals, and it's cool that the AT team is interested in showing us more of what BMO does while Finn and Jake are out.

I'd still like to learn more about BMO's backstory, relation to Marcy, and I'd love to see him outside the treehouse more. Mabye he could join Finn and Jake on an adventure? Easy enough to do. But I really do think BMO is just a great character, I hope they keep doing these things for him.

And those are my thoughts... looking out for more Marcy episodes as the season progresses. Perhaps we'll see her in King Worm? It says all of Ooo, and if she doesn't count.... well let's just say I'll be another fan they've insulted.

Keep watching! -M TheVampireKing (talk) 19:07, August 7, 2012 (UTC)