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Card Wars

This episode falls under my category of "normal" AT epiosde. No inter-character development... except another weird little quark from Jake that makes me wonder at how he's managed to stay uncorrupted by evil up until now...

I really liked the little ins and outs of Beemo in this episode. We find out he can skateboard! (go figure) and we got another great line out of him when he dropped down on Finn with his "Beemo chop." Beemo has always been a funny character... and I'm glad that the writers evolved him into a sentient character rather than have him be a video game consol... I'd really like to see some back story for him some day!

Other than that... the game Card Wars itself was an interesting concept... but the whole episode broke down into another episode where Jake is temporarily corrupted and Finn has to find a tactical way of getting him back to normal...

Good episode... one of my favourites so far in terms of Beemo's involvment... other than that... not my favourite. Not terrible or anything though!