So... newest episode of AT: Sons of Mars!

This episode was a bit of a surprise episode all around. The title was highly speculated upon, the discription's meaning was rather debated in meaning, and even though I knew that magic man would be in this episode, his role was still surprising to me.

This episode over all one of my favourites from the seasons so far. The characters in this episodes were some of the more clever IMO and Grod Gob Glob Grod was just too clever for me. I just love it when the AT team does something with that sort of consistancy with the rest of the series. The character itself was just entertaining to me.

Seeing magic man again was also not what I expected. While he was still a jerk and almost (technically did) get Jake killed, he was not the antagonist of the episode like I thought he would be. Although he wasn't on screen much... he was the center of the episode. (This sounds to me quite a bit like the recent Marceline episodes... and I have to say I don't really like that the AT team is doing this). But at the end of the day, we got some great background information on the magic man. I think this was super important because they decided to bring back this kinda random old character back... and if they hadn't done something interesting with him, it wouldn't have been a worth-while investment in writing. Also, I liked that they showed that bit of conflict in his character with him moping over the photo after he spent the episode going on about not caring about anyone.

Also, we got a classic AT moment with the miniture manticore. His new prison is shame! That part just made me laugh... and I love that AT can do that with just the little things.

Looking forward to Ignition Point next week!