• Maddison1488

    my birhday

    March 7, 2013 by Maddison1488

    All fire shalom with you Mad

    I have a birthday tomorrow, and the first time I write a blog on your site and I will be 25 years old

    Of course you think about it: Who is this guy, or Mad go do a review and you Dniwe but I assure you of my foreign friends that I was there and I know 9-million people (on checks Youtube) and I'm a fat Jew degenerate and all that I write shorter You can congratulate me on his birthday and I'm going to celebrate at a strip bar and I can be at my girlfriend will kill me for this

    PS I sincerely congratulate my fans and you girls this website with Woman's Day, and I wish (maybe) you all the best money, and make sure that your boyfriend (if you have one) gave you a divine gift that you remember him for life

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